Big 5 Product Varieties


Ayoba Arctic Ice ®

A magnificent White King Protea, this variety is in huge demand globally but only available in limited quantities. One of only a few farms in South Africa registered to grow Ayoba Arctic Ice®, Zuluflora currently produces over 30% of the total stems sold.

Ayoba Arctic Ice® is available in the second and third quarters of the year, with production peaks usually in March, September and October. The flower head is one of the largest of the protea family.



Named after the clan name of the founding father of South Africa’s democracy and its first democratic president Nelson Mandela. Madiba is a striking red King Protea that’s available from Zuluflora in high volumes. Stems are available early in the season, with peaks starting at the end of the second quarter.



A chance crossing of Protea aristata and Protea repens, Venus is a South African-bred hybrid with a large oval head, first registered in 1995. Available from June to September, it’s a very popular cut flower in both mixed and ‘straight’ bunches, but only a handful of growers are registered to grow Venus in South Africa – and Zuluflora is one of them.


Serruria 'Blushing Brides'

The delicate beauty of this flower makes it popular with brides and florists, for obvious reasons. Endemic to South Africa, it flowers from July to October, with each stem carrying up to eight of the exquisite ivory to pink blooms.


Early season pincushions

Due to our favourable location, our pincushion varieties generally flower several weeks earlier than those in the Western Cape, thus enabling us to offer the benefits of an extended season to our clients. We grow the full range of pincushion varieties, ranging from red (Ayoba Red®) to orange (Succession, Tango) and yellow (Ayoba Sun®).