Buying from Zuluflora

Pride in every signature Zuluflora box.

Uncompromisingly, superior quality

As grower-exporters, we take our accountability for every link in our supply chain seriously, from soil to sale, so immense pride is embedded in every flower packed into our distinctive Zuluflora boxes.

Tight cooperation between producers based on exceptional quality standards, sound agricultural practices, strict post-harvest protocols, unbroken supply, and access to selected and newly developed varieties, sets us apart from other growers in the market.

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Our Value

Quality, Quantity and Consistency

  • Grower-based marketing company
  • Uncompromising quality standards
  • Early season production, first to market
  • Reliable, long season supply of a wide product range
  • Direct dealings with the farm, which facilitates long-term relationships built on trust and open communication
  • Wide product selection, including exciting new varieties.

Guided by our company vision – to be the first choice in local and global markets for quality Cape Flora cut flowers – our excellence is built on three vital legs: quality, quantity, and consistency.


Buying from Zuluflora:

What are the benefits?


Packed with pride

Quality is key – and this is something we take extremely seriously. We understand that our reputation and brand are reliant on this quality, resulting in a high level of accountability and pride in every flower that is packed into one of our distinctive Zuluflora boxes.

In-house quality management

Zuluflora is one of very few protea-growing enterprises in South Africa to employ an in-house technical manager to ensure that our high standards of quality, consistency, and reliability are maintained without compromise.


Scale to match demand

With our combined operations already spanning 70ha, and a projected growth of a further 20ha in the next two years, we are already one of the biggest producers in the industry. This capability will enable us to consistently supply the biggest retailers and wholesalers in the industry, even at peak demand.

Wider product palette

Whereas other sellers are limited to traditional protea varieties, we have access to a much wider selection through our exclusive partnership with plant-breeding company Future Fynbos. Not only do we test-trial all their products in KZN, but through this association, Zuluflora and its growers have first option on all protea varieties in the summer-rainfall region of Southern Africa.


Reliable long season supply

With the early flowering window in KwaZulu-Natal and an extended season from our Eastern Cape growers, we take pride in offering the consistency of supply that buyers require.

Responsive to consumer requirements

Since buyers deal directly with us, the growers, we’re best placed to respond with agility to market demands and to quickly adjust selection options and/or market focus in response to shifting consumer trends. Selections for plantings can also be adjusted based on long term programmes with clients.

I am interested in purchasing Zuluflora proteas