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By working together and nurturing relationships, we're bringing the harvest home

An ancient African proverb states: “If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together.” This pretty much underpins who we are as growers.

Central to our growth model is building supply volumes, so we’re always scouting for new growers who share our ethos and strict commitment to our grower code. This helps us maintain the product quality and service ethic that differentiates us not only from our competitors, but from the industry norm.

By building a new business model based on mutual support and tight collaboration, we’re not only narrowing the gap between producers and retailers, but also creating the scale we envisage for the industry, for maximum returns and long-term sustainability.

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Together, we harvest more

Benefits of working with Zuluflora

  • Transparent business model based on integrity and open and honest communication
  • Early season production and access to high demand products provides strong market leverage
  • Costing structures in place to facilitate optimal returns to growers
  • Relationship-based collaboration and information-sharing
  • Stress-free sales and distribution channel
  • Strong brand exposure and awareness in the markets in which we compete
Your success is determined, not in the harvest you reap, but in the seeds you plant.
Robert Louis Stevenson


Growing within Zuluflora:

What are the benefits?

Grower Marketers

As growers ourselves, we understand the challenges of growing proteas yet also the benefits of an efficient value chain and maximising the returns back to the farm. Our aim is therefore simple – to match the top growers’ flowers with the best markets in order to maximise value back to the farm.

Market Leverage

With the unique early flowering windows that we’re able to fill, the range of varieties that we produce and the scale of our combined operations, we’re able to offer the market an exciting and exclusive package.

This, combined with our exceptional service and value add to our growers and clients alike, is giving us increased leverage in the marketplace and helping us become a producer of choice, with increasing returns back to the farm. As a grower under the Zuluflora brand, you’ll be able to tap this market leverage.

Open communication, transparent model

As growers, we know how important it is to get market information and feedback from clients, in order to make key business decisions. Open, transparent communication and information-sharing between marketers and growers is one of the core values of our company.

If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together.
African proverb

I want to work with Zuluflora