Uncompromisingly, superior quality
in every signature Zuluflora box

As grower-marketers,
Zuluflora is narrowing the gap
between producers and retailers

Zuluflora is bringing the
harvest back home, to the farm

Through our collaborative partnership
with several strategically located protea growers.

Breaking new ground with Zuluflora proteas

First to market with a consistent, reliable supply of superior quality cut flowers, guaranteed.

Zulu people in South Africa call themselves ‘the people of the heavens’, and for good reason. In celebration of our region’s rich cultural and natural heritage, we at Zuluflora are privileged to share that remarkable legacy with you with the cut flowers we lovingly cultivate in this unique part of Africa.

Borne out of the desire to build a new supply chain model for protea farming, Zuluflora is a collaborative partnership between several strategically located protea growers.

Through our combination of growers situated in both summer and winter rainfall regions of South Africa, we enjoy the unique advantage of an early flowering window, an extended season and a wide variety of product for which the Cape Floral Kingdom is so famous.

Guided by our company vision – to be the first choice in local and global markets for quality Cape Flora cut flowers – our value is built on three cornerstones that set us apart from other growers: a grower-led export enterprise, delivering flowers first into market with a consistent, reliable supply of superior quality flowers.

Our Value:

The benchmark for quality, innovation, technical excellence and transparency within the protea industry worldwide

  • Grower-based export marketers
  • First to market with a unique range of Cape Flora
  • Consistent supply of superior quality flowers
  • The benchmark for innovation, always striving for technical excellence
  • Open and transparent communication
  • Exceptional service and value-adding to both clients and growers alike

Are you a Buyer?

Pride in every signature Zuluflora box.
Uncompromisingly, superior quality

As grower-exporters, we take our accountability for every link in our supply chain seriously, from soil to sale, so immense pride is embedded in every flower packed into our distinctive Zuluflora boxes.

Tight cooperation between producers based on exceptional quality standards, sound agricultural practices, strict post-harvest protocols, unbroken supply, and access to selected and newly developed varieties, sets us apart from other growers in the market.

Are you a Grower?

Shouldn't growers be reaping the benefits?

By working together and nurturing relationships, we’re bringing the harvest home.

An ancient African proverb states: “If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together.” This pretty much underpins who we are as growers.

Central to our growth model is building supply volumes, so we’re always scouting for new growers who share our ethos and strict commitment to our grower code. This helps us maintain the product quality and service ethic that differentiates us not only from our competitors, but from the industry norm.


Message from Zuluflora Managing Director:

Hamish Godbold’s Vision

“The idea of having a group of young, like-minded farmers working together, sharing information and collectively marketing their superior quality product under a single distinctive brand are among the things that drive my passion for the Zuluflora brand.

More than this is the unique opportunity to do something new and innovative in an industry I feel has become stagnant and insular. By pooling grower knowledge and joining forces to market our product under one banner, we are best positioned to satisfy retail demand for scale, quality and continuity of supply.

My vision for Zuluflora is to become the benchmark for quality, innovation, technical excellence and transparency within the protea industry worldwide. And beyond that, to deliver a standard of service and value-add to both our growers and clients that differentiates us from all other players in this industry.”

Farm Gallery

A glimpse into our strategic processes

Owned by the Christopher family, Windham Hill farm, located just outside Hilton, KwaZulu Natal, has majestic views overlooking the grassland and thornveld of the uMngeni River Valley.

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